A few precautions can help avoid crashes in winter weather

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Readers of the Cincinnati Car Accident Law Blog may have read last week’s post about icy conditions contributing to truck accidents across the state. Driving, one of the most common activities Ohio residents engage in, can also be dangerous, and adverse weather conditions only raise the risk. However, there are some preparations Ohio drivers can make to ensure they drive safely and avoid crashes whenever possible, even in extreme weather.

The most important thing a drivers can do, is to prepare for the trips they are about to embark on. This means they ensure their cars are properly maintained, including the windshield, windows and the antifreeze. In addition to this, practicing winter driving is also a good idea-drivers should familiarize themselves with their brakes and whether they are anti-lock or non-anti-lock , as well as know how to steer into a skid. It is also important to remember that stopping distance is generally greater on roads covered with ice and water. Wearing a seat belt and ensuring children are properly fastened in car seats goes a long way to mitigating the seriousness of injuries in case an accident does take place.

Incorporating a few behaviors into the regular driving routine can also help reduce accidents. These includes avoiding driving when drinking, increasing the distance between cars in adverse weather, and keeping one’s eyes open and staying aware of changing road conditions and other vehicles and people sharing the roadway.

Despite these precautions, it is still possible for Ohio drivers to get injured in a crash caused by someone else’s negligence. If injuries or damage does result in such a case, it may be possible to hold the other party accountable for their reckless behavior through a personal injury lawsuit.

Source: OSHA, “Safe Winter Driving,” Accessed January 12, 2015

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