Ohio motorcyclist suffers serious injury from accident

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Motorcycles are common vehicles in Ohio. People like that they have great gas mileage and are fun to ride. But these perks do not come without risks. Motorcycles provide very little protection for riders and even minor accidents can result in serious injuries for riders.

Recently, an Ohio accident sent one motorcyclist to the hospital. While details about how the accident occurred are scarce, reports claim that a motorcyclist and a car collided around 5:00 p.m. on a Saturday afternoon. As a result of this motorcycle accident, the rider had to be taken to a hospital via a helicopter to be treated for injuries to the rider’s leg. The woman driving the car, on the other hand, was not injured in the accident.

It is not usual for a motorcycle wreck to result in serious injuries to the motorcyclist and no injuries to any other parties. People in cars and trucks have steal, glass, air bags, seatbelts and other safety protections available to them, whereas motorcyclists may or may not have a helmet and other protective clothing. Therefore, motorcyclists commonly suffer from life-threatening injuries including neck injuries, head injuries and broken bones.

These injuries can take months or years for a person to recover from. In some cases, people may be permanently disabled as a result of a motorcycle accident. The costs stemming from these injuries can be enormous, especially for someone who has to miss work to recover.

Motorcycle accident victims do have legal recourse. Through a personal injury suit, they can recover compensation from a negligent driver. Negligent drivers can be held responsible for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and more.

Source: WKRC, “Motorcycle, car crash in Springfield Township,” July 26, 2014

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