Factors leading to motorcycle accidents

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Ohio residents may have heard time and time again that motorcycle accidents are more dangerous than accidents involving other vehicles, but they may not be certain as to why this is the case. The sheer size and protective covering offered by vehicles are not the only factors that determine injury in a crash between a motorcycle and another vehicle. According to FindLaw, there are a number of other factors that uniquely affect motorcyclists only.

Even though quick reflexes and attention to detail are essential characteristics of a careful driver, they are even more important when it comes to motorcyclists. Most accidents happen because riders were not able to appreciate the characteristics and limitations of the motorcycle they are operating.

One of the possible limitations of motorcyclists is that at high speeds, most motorcycles wobble or shake. This usually takes place because the front tire and the rear tire are misaligned and causes the vehicle to become unstable. If motorcyclists are not aware of this and do not know how to operate the motorcycle in these conditions, they may be involved in a catastrophic accident. In addition to this, road hazards that motor vehicle drivers do not even think about, such as debris, uneven pavements, potholes and oil slicks, can actually be major hazards for motorcyclists.

These risks may be why the number of motorcycle accidents has doubled since 1999, despite a decrease in other type of road accidents. Ohio residents may not be aware that motorcyclists are 26 times more likely to die in a crash than the passengers in a car and five times more likely to get injured. Driving safely is one way to avoid accidents, but motorcyclists cannot take into account other drivers. Ohio residents who have been injured in an accident may be able to file a personal injury claim to recover compensation for their injuries and may want to consider consulting an experienced attorney for assistance.

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