Traffic Camera Case in Akron May Finally Be Decided

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2014 | Motor Vehicle Safety

The Ohio supreme court heard attorney arguments about traffic cameras on Wednesday and might finally come to a conclusion on the contentious case, pitting arguments about speed camera effectiveness versus motor vehicle safety.

The power behind the case started by a Kentucky motorist is not that the cameras themselves are unconstitutional. Instead, the case is in regards to fighting the civil tickets, which must be done before an administrator in the police department, which the plaintiffs contend may be considered a deprivation of due process. Toledo law Director Adam Loukx stated he “didn’t know” if people who attended these hearings are aware that they can appeal to a court.

How this will affect other cases in Ohio, such as those in Miami county which recently took some heat, remains to be seen.

Those who oppose cameras allege that they do not keep our roads safer, and only stand to make money from drivers. Conversely, those who support speed cameras say they increase motor vehicle safety and reduce the number of pedestrian and bicycle accidents in the state.

We are eager to find out what the Ohio Supreme Court has to say about this practice.

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