Older drivers getting safer behind the wheel

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All drivers face many risks on the road but many people assume older drivers have a higher risk of getting into a car accident. Despite the well-known stereotype, a new study shows that older drivers may not be as dangerous behind the wheel as many people believe.

The study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that older drivers in the United States are actually less likely to get into car accidents compared to earlier generations. The researchers said drivers age 70 and older are not getting into as many car accidents, and when they do, they have a lower risk of suffering serious or fatal injuries compared to earlier generations. 

The researchers said older drivers are not getting into as many car accidents because vehicles are safer than they used to be. They also said older people are healthier than they used to be, meaning they are able to continue driving at an older age without worrying about not being able to safely operate a vehicle. 

The finding that older drivers are involved in fewer car accidents than they used to be is good news, especially since older drivers are on the road more than they used to be. The number of older drivers on the road is expected to increase in the future as the population continues to live longer. 

The fact that fewer older drivers are getting into car accidents shows that older drivers are not as dangerous behind the wheel. However, older drivers still have many considerations to make before they get behind the wheel. Older drivers should make sure they able to safely operate their vehicle. This includes being able to see accurately as well as being able to brake, maneuver the steering wheel and operate other controls like the windshield wipers and lights. 

Source: The Press-News, “Accident Ratese Improving for Older Drivers,” Joan Lowy, Feb. 20, 2014

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