Ohio couple pursuing personal injury lawsuit against driver

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Usually, car accidents leave pain and suffering in their wake, even when there are no fatalities. Though it is rarely possible to quantify the loss suffered in a car accident caused by a reckless driver, car accident victims often find themselves saddled not only with catastrophic injuries, but also with overwhelming bills associated with the injuries. A personal injury claim may be one way to recover their medical expenses and also hold the other person accountable for their negligence.

An Ohio couple may be thinking along the same lines as they proceed with their lawsuit against the person who caused their accident in early 2012. The woman who has filed the lawsuit suffered injuries to her lower back, neck and spine. In the lawsuit citing negligence and loss of companionship, the victim is asking for interest, legal fees and damages.

The victim is claiming she was a passenger in the car driven by her husband travelling on the highway at the time of the accident. The reckless driver crashed into their car, causing them to lose control and cross over to the other lane and into oncoming traffic.

It may be possible to file a civil claim against a reckless driver even if there is no criminal case pending against them. Holding someone accountable for their reckless actions in a car accident is one of the ways accident victims can come to terms with their grief and also prevent the defendant from acting in the same reckless manner again.

Source: The West Virginia Record, “Ohio couple sues Cabell Co. man after car accident,” Ben Hart, March 12, 2014

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