Motorcyclist and passenger hospitalized after collision with car

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Drivers in Hamilton need to pay attention to motorcycles when on the road. Motorcycle unawareness is a major factor in motorcycle accidents. Because a motorcyclist is so vulnerable, any accident runs the risk of causing significant injuries. A negligent driver can cause vast damage to a person or persons riding a motorcycle.

A man and a woman riding a 2006 Yamaha motorcycle were hospitalized after they were hit by a 1995 Chrysler Cirrus. The 19-year-old driver of the car was exiting the parking lot of a department store when the accident happened. She made a right turn on a red light, went into the center lane of the roadway and hit the motorcycle. Also in the vehicle was a 53-year-old man. The two people on the motorcycle were thrown from the bike. They were taken to a local hospital and their condition has yet to be disclosed. The driver of the Chrysler received a citation for making an improper turn.

Motorcycle riders may take the greatest safety precautions when they’re on the road, but that won’t prevent motorcycle unawareness and recklessness on the part of others from causing an accident. When there is an accident of this kind, insurers will be focused on limiting the amount of money they have to pay to those who have been injured. They are likely to try and find a way not to pay or will make a low-level offer to settle the case. While the offer might sound substantial, people who have been injured might have vast medical expenses, lost wages, and the need for extended rehabilitation and care. This can lead to massive bills surpassing the early settlement offer. Those who have been injured in any kind of motorcycle crash have a right to fair compensation through settlement or litigation for their injuries.

In this case, the motorcyclist and his passenger were hospitalized after the car accident. The driver of the car was responsible for the acceding by making an illegal turn and merging into the center lane. After being injured in this accident, the victims may seek advice from an experienced personal injury attorney. This person will ensure the victim’s rights are protected and that they receive all the compensation to which they are entitled.

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