Driving while speeding: Ohio Speed Camera ruling leads to questions about tickets

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2014 | Motor Vehicle Safety

As Ohio’s speed cameras are shown the door by an Ohio judge, questions remain. What does it mean for motor vehicle safety? And for some people who have outstanding tickets: what does this mean for me?

The ruling could mean New Miami owes drivers an estimated $1 million, so long as it holds up to appeal. But by then it may be too late: unpaid tickets can have consequences like suspensions of registrations and licenses. So what are drivers supposed to do?

The purpose of the injunction was to stop drivers who receive unjust traffic tickets from being denied due process, but no ruling has yet been made on the tickets themselves, or what drivers should do about tickets they’ve already received. If refunded, the police department might be refunding upwards of $1 million dollars.

For some, the answer is simply to pay it and forget it. But for others, that fine is more than they can reasonably afford, and they intend to sit on it and await a final decision on those tickets.

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