Drunk driving could lead to serious accidents

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The possibility that a car accident will occur is present each and every time someone gets into a car to go somewhere. Residents of Cincinnati are not immune to this. There are many reasons why a motor vehicle accident could occur including driver distraction, medical episodes and issues with the vehicle itself. Sometimes car accidents occur because a driver has consumed too much alcohol before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. In any of these instances the outcome can be catastrophic.

Recently, an Ohio man was arrest for drunk driving. The arrest followed a crash that occurred in a community near Cincinnati. The arrest marked the eighth time the man had been charged with that offense.

While no one was hurt in the accident that prompted the man’s most recent arrest, it is easy to see how the outcome could have been much different. In situations where those involved in a drunk driving accident suffer devastating injuries, it is possible that they could be left permanently disabled or even dead. Dealing with this outcome is that much more difficult when one considers that it was completely preventable.

When others are injured as a result of the negligent actions of a drunk driver, it is not uncommon for a civil personal injury lawsuit to be filed. In situations where another person dies because of the negligence, a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of the deceased may be appropriate. These types of lawsuits cannot undo the harm that has been inflicted but may make it easier to move forward.

Source: FOX19, “Ohio man charged with eighth DUI offense,” Kara Foxx, Jan. 3, 2014

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