Ohio bus accident leaves at least 34 injured

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A bus accident in Ohio left many passengers injured after a Greyhound bus carrying 51 passengers flipped over on Interstate 75 in Butler County, Ohio, leaving safety officials questioning what caused the accident.

Officials have not said what caused the accident, and the Ohio Highway Patrol and Butler County Sheriffs are investigation the crash. The bus accident left 34 passengers with injuries. Two passengers suffered serious injuries and 13 other passengers suffered head, neck and back injuries.

Commercial buses like this Greyhound bus are supposed to be inspected for mechanical problems and other safety issues that could lead to an accident. Greyhound officials said the bus had an annual inspection a few weeks before the accident and no issues were found. They also said the bus had a visual inspection before leaving, and the Department of Transportation said that the bus passed two previous surprise inspections during the last two years.

While bus accidents are not as common as car crashes, this is not the first Greyhound bus accident. Greyhound buses have had 102 accidents during the last two years in the U.S., with 57 injuries and three fatalities. It’s not just Greyhound buses that are getting into accidents.

Reports show that in 2011, 54,000 bus accidents happened throughout the country, with 2,400 injuries and 283 fatalities. Safety experts say one of the reasons for the high bus accident rate could be due to bus drivers getting older. Many older bus and truck drivers who have been driving for several years tend to be less healthy than other workers because they sit all day, and studies have shown that many commercial drivers are prone to becoming fatigued or distracted while driving for long hours. 

Bus companies and drivers can be held liable after accidents like this one. Victims of bus accidents can file a personal injury lawsuit against the bus driver and company responsible for the accident. Before pursuing a lawsuit, it is best for victims to consult a personal injury attorney to discuss their specific cases. 

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