Tailgating caused the most car accidents in Ohio last year

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Car accidents happen everyday in Ohio and while there are many factors that contribute to car crashes, a new report shows just how dangerous tailgating can be.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol reported that tailgating was the leading cause of car accidents in Ohio last year, with more than 65,500 car accidents being caused by drivers following other vehicles too closely. Of those reported crashes, 58 resulted in fatalities and another 18,552 people suffered injuries.

The report shows that tailgating not only frustrates drivers who are being followed too closely but it is actually a very dangerous behavior behind the wheel. To address the dangers of tailgating, the Ohio State Highway Patrol is trying to raise awareness among Ohio drivers about the importance of leaving enough space between vehicles to prevent serious car accidents.

The State Highway Patrol said that it is really important to keep this in mind during the summer months when many roads are under construction and result in more traffic and frequent stopping.

The Ohio Department of Transportation said that all drivers need to be aware of the dangers of tailgating, regardless of if they are driving through a construction zone or not. They said that drivers need to make sure they are keeping a safe distance from the vehicle in front of them to prevent a rear-end collision.

Drivers should give themselves a car length between their vehicle and the car in front of them for every 10 mph they are driving to make sure they will have enough time to safely stop in the event that traffic suddenly stops. Keeping enough distance while driving can not only prevent a rear-end crash but it helps drivers be more aware of the traffic ahead of them.

When a vehicle is following too closely, the driver is not able to see as much traffic ahead of them. Drivers should make an effort to keep a safe distance between the vehicle in front of them to prevent a collision as well as to be aware of how traffic is moving further down the road.

Source: Lima Ohio, “Following too closely lead cause of Ohio crashes last year,” Kate Malongowski, June 9, 2013

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