Pileup on Ohio highway causes fatality, several injuries

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Slick roads and snow in Ohio lead to many car accidents on Monday, including an accident on an Ohio highway that involved at least 86 vehicles. The pileup resulted in one fatality and several injuries, according to the highway patrol.

The accident occurred on Interstate 275 near Cincinnati after slippery roads caused many chain-reaction accidents involving several cars. Officers said that at least 20 people were taken to local hospitals but none of their injuries were believed to be life-threatening.

The fatality happened when a girl got out a vehicle involved in one of the crashes. Officials said witnesses saw her standing in the median near a cable barrier. Because of the previous crashes on the highway, another vehicle hit the barrier and snapped a cable that fatally struck the girl.

Highway patrol officials said that the crash is still under investigation but they know the weather made the roads more dangerous for drivers. They said that snow had been accumulating on the highway and many drivers reported areas that were icy as well as poor visibility due to the snow.

This type of accident is an example of how dangerous travelling at higher speeds can be during the winter. Snow and ice can make roads very unsafe and drivers should exercise caution when travelling, especially on the highway as many vehicles still drive at faster speeds.

Individuals who are involved in an accident on the highway should be very careful if they are trying to exit their vehicle. Other vehicles may not see them exiting and because cars travel at higher speeds on the highway, serious injuries and fatalities are more common after a collision.

Those involved in a car accident on the highway should try and pull over to the shoulder if possible. They should also put their emergency flashers on and if they need to exit the vehicle, try to exit on the side furthest away from the highway. Individuals should contact the police or emergency responders if the accident resulted in any injuries, vehicle damage or if they do not feel comfortable giving their information to other drivers involved in the accident.

Source: New York Daily News, “Massive 86-car pileup in Ohio leaves 12-year-old girl dead, at least 20 others injured,” Jan.22, 2013

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