Most common holiday driving hazards

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The holidays are a time for joyful celebrations. Unfortunately, the holidays also bring along stress and sometimes hazardous weather conditions that make it difficult to drive safely during the winter.

Safety experts say that people are more likely to get in a car accident during the holidays due to several factors including winter conditions that make roads more dangerous as well as unsafe driving behaviors that are more likely to occur during the holiday season.

Driving during the winter can be challenging at times. With the increase in distracted driving throughout the country, drivers should be aware of the most common holiday driving hazards, which include:

  • Distracted driving: many drivers end up using their cellphones while driving and this can be very dangerous when the roads are slippery or when there is more traffic due to holiday shopping.
  • Impaired driving: holiday parties and celebrations often lead to more drunk drivers on the road during the holiday season.
  • Driving under pressure: the holidays can be very stressful, especially when driving around trying to get all the holiday shopping completed. Road rage or unsafe driving behavior is more likely to occur during this time.
  • Driving while fatigued: more drivers may be fatigued or tired while driving this holiday season.

Drivers should be aware of the common unsafe driving behaviors this holiday. Safety precautions can be made while driving, especially if it seems like another vehicle is driving dangerously. Drivers who see a dangerous or unsafe vehicle on the road should try to avoid the vehicle and if necessary, safely call the police to report the dangerous driver.

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