Distracted Driving

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Even with hundreds of campaigns currently operating to thwart texting and driving, seven out of every 10 young drivers are still texting and driving. Besides this, a new problem is developing as our technology is advancing, and now driving and surfing the internet, or “surfing”, has become a problem. To supplement the campaigns to not text and drive, it is even illegal in 39 states. State farm has reported that texting and driving is up from 64 percent to 68 percent in the 18-29 year old age group. It was also reported that surfing the internet in the same age group has increased from 43 percent to 48 percent over the past year. State Farm reports that these statistics do not include the use of a GPS. They have gathered their information from an annual survey they conduct of over 1,000 drivers ages 18-24.

It will be necessary to change “No Text” campaigns, to “Don’t Text and Surf” campaigns. Both of these things fall into the category of distracted driving. In 2010, the Department of Transportation reported 3,092 people killed and 416,000 injured from distracted driving accidents. With these significant statistics, it is important to make drivers aware of this problem now, before technology develops even further and creates more distractions.


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