Daytime drunk driving accidents increase in Ohio

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Daytime drunk driving has become more of a problem in Ohio, according to Ohio law enforcement agencies. Drunk driving is very dangerous and contributes to many fatal car accidents every year in Ohio.

Is there a difference between drunk driving accidents during the day and accidents that happen at night? The Ohio police department seems to think so.

Ohio law enforcement officials said that many drunk driving accidents that occur during the day are caused by drivers who are high on drugs. Drunk driving accidents that happen at night are usually caused by drivers who are intoxicated.

Due to the increase in daytime drunk driving accidents, local law enforcement agencies have started to train police officers on how to spot drunk drivers during the day. They’ve also added daytime drunk driving checkpoints that have resulted in many OVI arrests and charges.

Either way, driving drunk during the day or night is very dangerous and contributes to many serious and fatal car accidents. The Ohio State Highway Patrol reported than an estimated 400 people were killed by impaired drivers in Ohio last year. Ohio law enforcement are looking for solutions to help prevent and decrease drunk driving accidents and fatalities.

Unfortunately, drunk driving accidents occur all the time in Ohio. Many car accident victims are unaware of what steps to take after an accident. Being involved in a car accident caused by a drunk driver can be very frustrating. Accident victims can work with a personal injury attorney to evaluate their accident and see if they may be able to file a claim to receive compensation for medical expenses, as well as pain and other losses suffered after the accident.

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