Paralyzed in a drunk driving accident, 9-year-old reaches out

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Although this story did not occur in Ohio, it is one anyone anywhere will surely be touched by. In mid-July 2009 just days before a little girl’s ninth birthday she and her family were returning home after a day of fun at the mall. Then her and her family’s life changed in an instant when a drunk driver crashed into their vehicle seriously injuring the young girl. That driver was almost three times over the legal limit to drive and now he, and this little girl and her family must deal with the fall out of his actions that day.

The now 9-year-old girl is paralyzed from the chest down and struggles with trying to do normal things like she used to. Just getting in and out of bed is hard for her, but she is learning how to cope as is her family. The reality of having a disabled daughter who could walk and play with her brothers and sisters just last year is hard on her family as well. The little girl’s spirit in coping with her new reality is a poignant reminder of the dangers of drunk driving.

This brave little girl wrote a letter to the driver that changed her life forever because she wanted to know what he was doing that fateful day, and wonders if he remembers the accident. Her letter describes her time in the hospital shortly after the accident and also describes in detail both her emotional and physical struggles to learn how to do things for herself again. The letter made an impact on the judge and others in the courtroom when it was read out loud.

This drunk driving accident has resulted in extensive hospital bills and rehabilitative costs for this family. She requires constant care due to her paralysis which puts an added strain on the family’s finances and ability to earn a living. There was no report on whether the family has filed a personal injury claim against the drunk driver but a successful claim could help the family recover medical bills and their lost wages as they care for their little girl. A personal injury claim could also cover future rehabilitation expenses that will be associated with her recovery. Her goal is to someday walk again and if her spirit and courage are any indication, the odds are in her favor.

Source: KENS-TV, “Texas girl pens letter to drunk driver who left her paralyzed,” Monika Diaz, Nov. 14, 2012

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