New Campaign Targets Ohio’s Teenage Drivers

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Marketing to teenagers is no easy feat. They are knowledgeable, not easily impressed, are often skeptical and expect that if a company or agency wants them to listen, the message better be both important and relevant to their lives. It is not always easy to reach the consciousness of American teens, but at times, doing so is critical.

In an effort to reduce the prevalence of fatal car accidents involving teenagers, the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) has recently partnered with the Ohio Highway Patrol to launch a safety campaign exclusively for novice drivers. The “You Are in Control” campaign was commenced at this year’s OHSAA charity games, hosted at Cleveland Browns Stadium.

The campaign will embrace many forms of outreach in order to educate teens on the subject of safe driving. In addition to posters, school announcements and banners, the campaign will reach kids through a Facebook page.

Different dangerous driving behaviors, including distracted and impaired driving, have contributed to unacceptably high rates of fatal car crashes involving Ohio teens in recent years. In 2011 alone, 161 young people aged 16-20 were killed in car accidents within the state’s borders.

“You Are in Control” will hopefully remind teens that while some accidents are not preventable, the vast majority of them are. Taking personal responsibility for good driving habits can help teens arrive safely home every night. Novice drivers are at a safety disadvantage behind the wheel due to their lack of experience. But driving as safely as they possibly can will help them avoid the worst possible scenarios.

Source: WTRF, “‘You Are In Control’ Helps Teens Realize Importance Of Safe Driving,” D.K. Wright, Aug. 28, 2012

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