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Prevalent issues Ohio and Kentucky residents experience with gas ovens

Brush up on common complications with gas ovens to keep unnecessary accidents at bay.

While gas ovens can be more cost efficient than electric ovens for Ohio and Kentucky residents, they are not without their issues. To better avoid burn injuries, the owners of gas ovens should make themselves well aware of some of the more common issues with gas ovens so they can be prepared to deal with and address such problems if need be.

Slow ignition

There are times when an ignited gas oven fails to work as it should, which might be triggered by blocked ignition ports or a poorly-functioning ignitor. Rather than owners trying to take care of the issue themselves, this is something best left to professionals, mainly because a delayed ignition can result in a potential fire.

Malfunctioning surface burner

Should the burner portholes on a gas oven become blocked, or the pilot light go out, the surface burner might not work properly. Some gas stoves have electric igniters that need to be plugged in for the surface burner to work properly, and there is also a chance the issue is with the circuit breaker.

The smell of gas

It is never a good sign when there is the smell of gas in the air while using a gas oven. In this case, it could be the gas valve that needs attention. Commonly, the smell of gas is due to either a damaged or poorly synched valve. Even if a gas leak does not result in a wrongful death due to a fire or explosion, it can still cause physical harm to anyone in the house.

Poor burner flame

A blocked burner flame opening could result in a sluggish flame. There is also a chance there is not sufficient air or gas to create a well-sustained flame. While gas oven owners can test the air shutters on their own, any complications with the gas are best left to experts.

Poor burner lighting

For food to cook properly in a gas oven, burners should be adequately lit. If a burner fails to light up fully, it might be that the cross-over ports do not have the flow they need to light up the oven’s gas burners.

Greasy surface

A gas oven’s cooking surface should always be as clean as possible. If it is not, there is a good chance a grease fire could break out. There is also the fact that a clean surface and burners allow the oven to work properly with a minimum of gas, which results in better cost savings.

While the above information can be instrumental in keeping gas oven owners safe, accidents can still happen. Anyone who sustains a personal injury in Ohio and Kentucky due to someone else’s gas oven should be sure to consult with an attorney.

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