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Michele Young coauthors groundbreaking new medical malpractice book

The medical and legal fields are closely intertwined. Medical malpractice costs thousands of lives and causes thousands of nonfatal injuries every year, and after-the-fact legal remedies are the only way for medical malpractice victims to obtain compensation from negligent caregivers. But the modern healthcare arena is rapidly evolving, and with it, the medical malpractice legal climate.

In the new book Medical Malpractice: Avoiding, Adjudicating, and Litigating in the Challenging New Climate Michele Young and coauthor James O’Reilly provide a comprehensive guide to medical malpractice cases in the 21st century. Written for plaintiffs’ and defendants’ lawyers, hospital administrators, doctors, nurses, retail chain executives and free clinic operators, Medical Malpractice provides a clear view of a complex subject.

Medical Malpractice features several focus areas unique to modern medical malpractice cases, including:

• Medical malpractice claims arising out of retail chain stores and “telemedicine” (the provision of remote medical advice via technology)

• The pursuit of compensation in medical malpractice cases involving plaintiffs with government subsidized healthcare

• The latest updates to key medical malpractice statutes for every state in the nation

Published July 1 by the American Bar Association Press, Medical Malpractice firmly establishes Ms. Young as a nationally recognized expert who not only helps clients, but also serves as a resource for other lawyers seeking advice.

“This work was a labor of love,” said Ms. Young. “My hope is nothing less than to provide the necessary tools to all the stakeholders in our health system in a time of peril to avoid risk. This is a book that will save lives, and provide the legal and factual foundation for policy makers evaluating the law.”

Ms. Young is a graduate of Georgetown Law Center, served clerkships with three different federal judges, including the late Hon. George Edwards Jr. on the U.S. Court of Appeals, and has taught at both the Salmon P. Chase College of Law and the University of Dayton Law School. She has written on subjects ranging from the local crime lab to the Affordable Care Act, co-chaired and managed trailblazing and highly successful county-wide political campaigns, and is the 2014 recipient of the Cincinnati Political Women’s Caucus Achievement Award. Ms. Young also founded and directs Community and Civic Affairs at Gregory S. Young, Co., LPA.

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