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Michele L. Young of Gregory S. Young Co., LPA, To Be Honored by the Cincinnati Women’s Political Caucus On May 21st at Cincinnati’s Harriet Beecher Stowe House

Michele L. Young will be honored for her advocacy of women’s rights and community issues.

Michele Young, the Founder and Director of Community and Civic Affairs at Gregory S. Young, Co., will receive an Outstanding Achievement Award from the Cincinnati Women’s Political Caucus at Cincinnati’s Harriet Beecher Stowe House, 2950 Gilbert Avenue, on May 21st, 2014 at a ceremony from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Ms. Young is a former adjunct professor in two law schools and law clerk to three federal judges, an author and an activist, engaging in the robust advocacy of candidates and causes in every forum from the courtroom to the press room.

Ms. Young’s award comes after a lifetime of supporting women’s rights. She has advised and supported women candidates for close to a decade. She is honored to be recognized by the organization, which gave birth to the women’s movement in Cincinnati and nurtured so many of Cincinnati’s women leaders.

Her “No Text Zone: Take the Pledge” public service announcement is carried by Star 64, CBS Local 12, and Cincinnati CW, reaching hundreds of thousands of homes each day with the message to not text and drive. Ms. Young has brought beloved Cincinnatians, such as Buddy La Rosa, to take the pledge with her. Each day, more and more Cincinnatians come on board this movement to save lives, one pledge at a time.

She recently co-authored a 600-page book on the Affordable Care Act to be published this May by the American Bar Association. This book provides a painstaking portrait of the nation and its laws providing protection and compensation to victims of medical error. With the power of the pen, she hopes to change the direction of the law to better protect the ill, the disabled, and the most vulnerable. Ms. Young also writes for other publications.

She has recently led the recent successful citizens’ effort to support the Hamilton County Coroner’s determined championship of a new crime lab. Ms. Young created “Keep Hamilton County Safe,” a community-wide organization, developed an interactive website, and brought together citizens and leaders from across the political spectrum to support the development of “Scotland Yard in our own backyard.” With the acceptance of Mt. Airy to house the future crime lab, Ms. Young’s organization, “Keep Hamilton County Safe” is here to stay. Ms. Young is an active member of Cincinnati Citizens Police Association and an advisor to Crime Stoppers.

Ms. Young has also led political campaigns for women, including managing the campaign for the first Indian-American working mother elected county-wide and co-chairing the reelection campaign of the first African-American working mother elected countywide. The two campaigns were the landslide winners of 2012.

Ms. Young’s passion for civil rights, women and children’s rights, health care, and the law, is borne out of her experience. She is the grandchild of immigrants fleeing persecution and the child of idealistic school teachers who dedicated their lives to the underprivileged. She saw first-hand how the illness of a family member ended the sense of financial security for her hard-working family. She ultimately obtained a bursary to attend McGill University in Montreal and entered the evening division at Georgetown Law Center. Throughout her youth, she worked dozens of odd jobs to support herself and saw what it meant to be a working woman at the entry level: she was a cashier, concession worker, ticket taker, hat check girl, and waitress, messenger, “temp,” receptionist, secretary, ghost writer, and countless other dead-end jobs. She saw how women and minorities were treated and how hard it was to meet ends meet. She dreamed of a better life not only for herself, but for all. From college onward, she joined others to build organizations and institutions, including the McGill Public Interest Research Group, the Georgetown International Environmental Law Review, and the American Inns of Court. She took a Greyhound to Cincinnati to interview with a pioneer in civil rights and labor law, U.S. Court of Appeals Judge for the Sixth Circuit, George Edwards, Jr. She fell in love with fellow lawyer, Gregory S. Young and his beloved hometown, Cincinnati. For twenty-two years, they have worked together to build a family and a law firm for the people. With the freedom and confidence of overcoming obstacles, she dedicates her time to taking down the barriers for others. She is determined to do so without compromising her belief in the intrinsic value of womanhood, treasuring her friendships with women, and championing the importance of mothers, daughters, and sisters working together to build a better future for all.

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