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Driving by Gender: Who Causes More Motor Vehicle Accidents?

It’s a debate as old as the internal combustion engine and the advent of headlights: Are women better drivers than men, or vice versa?

While media stereotypes once led to the acceptance of “woman driver” as an inherently critical label, the truth is that men are significantly more likely to get into crashes. This fact has long been known by the insurance company actuaries who set policy rates for individuals, but the precise differences are well described in recent statistics.

On the high end, the New York Times reported in August on a city traffic study that revealed a shocking four of every five serious or fatal vehicle/pedestrian accidents in New York City were caused by male drivers. This figure is only partially explained by the predominance of male drivers of taxis and other commercial vehicles, as well as the fact that men are behind the wheel for more than 60 percent of the total annual driving miles in the U.S. Traffic studies from around the world have consistently shown higher accident rates among men, a phenomenon that social scientists frequently attribute to testosterone and its affect on aggression and taking risks.

As if to add insult to this injury to the masculine self-image, studies also show that male pedestrians are more likely to be hit by a car.

“You see a lot more boys killed running into traffic,” according to author Tom Vanderbilt, an author of a book on the psychology behind driving habits and related road safety issues. But there is some small consolation for the male driver: Anne McCartt, senior vice president for research at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety told the Times that men know more about cars and how to handle them.

Personal Injury Lawyers Help Clients Identify Responsible Parties

Risky maneuvers, speeding, drunk driving and road rage create significant hazards to passengers and other drivers on American roads, regardless of the driver’s gender. When a last-second merge or a dangerous pass leads to a collision that results in serious injuries or a wrongful death, the only clues to blame and liability may lie in the wreckage and other evidence left behind.

An attorney who understands all aspects of personal injury litigation can help an injury victim or surviving family members make sense of the legal challenges. Most important of all, a lawyer with trial experience understands how to secure evidence as quickly as possible to help clients prove negligence and demonstrate the full extent of damages.

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