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Amusement park accidents: 7 injured at Cedar Point in Ohio

Summer is a great time for a trip to your nearest amusement park. The biggest and greatest amusement park in Ohio is Cedar Point. This park holds some of the nation’s most thrilling rides.

However, amusement parks are for amusement – not stress and injury. When a park is mismanaged or something goes wrong, this can lead to an accident. Unfortunately, in late July 2013, passengers were injured at Cedar Point when a boat ride, “Shoot the Rapids,” rolled over.

Cedar Point has been deemed the greatest thrill park for over a decade. The fantasyland is located in Sandusky, Ohio. As reported on the amusement park’s website, the “Shoot the Rapids” boat ride “takes you up and splashes you down.”

Unfortunately, the ride was a little too gripping for injured passengers.

Local officers, park patrons and medical personnel rushed to help riders off the boat. According to, seven individuals were harmed in the experience. One park visitor explained that approximately 10 people rushed to help the injured victims.

After the accident, all park riders were taken to the amusement park’s medical station. Most of the individuals were treated onsite; however, one park guest had to be taken to a local medical center for further treatment and evaluation. The ride was shut down immediately after the incident.

Unfortunately, this is not the only accident that has occurred at Cedar Point. From cell phones flying off rides (as what happened in the summer of 2023) to roller coaster malfunctioning, guests are at risk for suffering grave injuries at amusement parks.

What Causes Amusement Park Accidents?

When amusement park accidents occur, these incidents often raise premises liability or product liability issues. Yet, each case is different. The relevant legal issues depend on the facts and circumstances of the catastrophe.

When a case arises, engineers and investigators are usually called into the scene. These professionals help decipher what caused the specific issue. For example, the following elements could be reasons for an amusement park accident:

  • Insufficient or faulty design of a park ride.
  • Inadequate maintenance of the ride by the amusement park.
  • Inexperienced or untrained workers.
  • Insufficient staffing.
  • Careless operation of a ride.

These are just a few issues that could contribute to a serious accident.

What Should I Do If I Am Injured At An Amusement Park?

Amusement park accidents can be extremely severe. If you have been injured at a park, take the time to speak with a personal injury law attorney in your area. A lawyer can review the matter and help decipher whether you are entitled to recovery.

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